"This place has become a firm favourite over the years for me in terms of local places to dine. A refreshing break from that 'chain-restaurant' feeling that is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid these days, this family-owned restaurant takes great pride in its unique identity. The interior is laden with figurines, paintings and memorabilia from the family's home country, and the walls are painted in the most vibrant hues. The atmosphere created is so welcoming and relaxing that you begin to feel part of the family; even the restroom doors are distinguished by pictures of their son and daughter. All this effort into creating a highly authentic Thai atmosphere doesn't just stop at the decor. Max's also delivers in terms of

high quality, delicious and traditional Thai cuisine. Offering a wide variety of authentic and unusual dishes such as raw papaya salad and jungle cod, you almost feel transported thousands of miles East to the family's home country. I would highly recommend Max's to anyone who craves a break from the monotony of eating at characterless chain restaurants"
Nat, Wallington